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What is a SAAPP distributor?
A SAAPP Distributor is an independent company that has entered into a Distributor agreement with SAAPP. Distributors offer a wide variety of SAAPP products, all customized for their customer’s requirements.
Thank you for your interest in partnering with SAAPP. To promote better understanding, please fill up the form below.
You can be assured that all the information provided here will be kept in strict confidence.
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*Injection & Venipuncture
*Infusion Therapy
*Hygiene Management
*Respiratory Care
*Blood Banking
Single Use Syringe
IV Cannula With Wings & Port
IV Cannula With Wings & Port
IV Cannula With Wings & Port
IV Cannula With Wings Without Port
IV Cannula Without Wings & Port
IV Cannula With Integrated Three-Way S.C.
IV Cannula For Neonates
IV Cannula For Neonates
Three-Way Stop Cock
Extension Tubing With Three-Way S.C.
Infusion Set
Infusion Set With Airvent
Measured Volume Set
Flow Regulator
Tubing Set
High Pressure Tubing Set
Injection Stopper
Luer Cap
Latex Surgical Gloves
Latex Examination Gloves
Examination Gloves
Surgeon's Gown
Examination Gown
Examination Gown (Chest X-Ray)
Protective Apron
Laminated Gown
Spunbond Gown
Boiler Suit
Scrub Suit
Lab Suit
Bed Sheet & Pillow Cover
Disposable Briefs / Panties (Unisex)
Bouffant / Nurses / Clip Cap
Surgeon's Cap
Face Mask With Ties/Ribbon
Face Mask With Elastic/Ear Loop
Non Woven Beard Cover
Cup / Dust Mask
Shoe Covers
Disposable Slippers
Endotracheal Tube Plain
Endotracheal Tube Cuffed
Blood Administration Set
Blood Collection Bag (Single)
Blood Collection Bag (Double)
Blood Collection Bag (Triple)
Blood Collection Bag (Quadruple)
Blood Bag Collection System
Blood Transfer Bag
AV Fistula Needle
Foley's Catheter
Surgical Blades
Multi Draw Needle
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6. What will be your marketing strategy to promote SAAPP’s products?
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